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Flat Tire Replacement

When a pebble hits your windshield from the big rig in front of you, we’ll repair it. 

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In an April 2022 article AAA told consumer reports that as high as 70% never use a warranty. Haspro’s just in case plan with practical benefits enables people to spend less money over the lifetime of their vehicles. Haspro’s practical benefits assist their customers when unexpected repairs happen. Haspro Customers Save 1000s!

Obviously it is not a bumper to bumper plan. It's a practical plan to fit all vehicles. We simply cover every item we list.

If you are someone who rarely breaks down and takes great care of your vehicle this is for you! 

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Haspro Warranty Offers

Cost of repairs without Haspro Warranty:

How is the price so low?

Who is this plan for?

Is there a waiting period?

Yes, 15 days and 500 miles

For when your driving and you get a flat tire, we will come and put your spare on.



When your alternator goes out on you, and you need to get it towed.

Car Rental

You still need to get around when your vehicle is in the shop.

Brake System

For vehicles with less than 150k miles.


It’s pouring outside and you can’t use the car because your windshield wipers are not working

(Windshield wiper motor, turn signal switch, Horn)

Trip Interruption

If you take a trip tomorrow and break down we will pay for your lunch, dinner, and even your hotel if you need to stay overnight until your vehicle is fixed.

Fuel Delivery

If you run out of fuel, we'll travel out to you and get you on your way with some gas.

Lock Out Services

Leave your keys in your locked vehicle? No worries, we'll get you back in the vehicle  - 24/7.


You get a flat tire, we’ll pay to repair or replace the tire.

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A Plan For Everyone!

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Oil Changes

Maintenance is a key component in keeping your vehicle expenses low.

Brake Pads/Shoes

Worn out brake pads? We will pay up to $130 towards the replacement of your brake pads/shoes. One-time use every 36 months.

1 oil change every 6 months up to $40.00 for conventional oil;  or up to $55.00 for synthetic oil blends, diesel, larger V8 vehicles.

Your vehicle won’t start because of a dead battery, don’t worry. We will pay up to $100 dollars towards the replacement of a failed battery. One-time use every 36 months.

Keep your cooling system cool *cool emoji* We will pay $40.00 towards a drain/refill, pressure check, and more. One-time use every 36 months

Cooling System

Keep your view clear. We will pay up to $30.00 credit towards the replacement of wiper blades. One-time use every 36 months.

Wiper Blades

Safety Inspection

Need to do a safety inspection? We will pay up to $40.00 towards a safety inspection. One-time use every 36 months.

Battery Replacement

(Up to $40 Per Repair & up to $100 replacement - Higher claim maximum coverage available)

(Up to $100 Per Occurrence)

(Up to $100 Per Occurrence)

(Up to $100 Per Occurrence)

(Up to $30 A Day and Max $150 per breakdown)

(ABS wheel speed sensor) When your brakes aren’t working it’s no laughing matter.

(Up to $100 A Day and Max $300 per breakdown)

(Up to $100 Per Occurrence)

(Up to $100 Per Occurrence)

See plan for more details